Secrets to Photographic Lighting

Secrets to Photographic Lighting
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This video will teach you by taking you behind the scenes of a photographer testing his lights with two interns. If you are interested in learning how to achieve the perfect light in your photographs this downloadable video is for you.  Learn first hand as the photographer teaches his interns how to test lights in studio with a model. By watching this video you will learn how to test strobe lights to find the look and quality of light that is perfect for you.  You will learn how to use large umbrella lights, beauty dish reflectors, hard light reflectors, hot lights and more.  Follow the testing steps in this video and watch your photographs become consistently better as you learn to master lighting techniques. This video is part 1 of Secrets to Photographic Lighting. Part II continues with "How To Photograph Different Skin Tones."

Running time: 11:39

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