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The best way to become a better photographer is by taking classes. The problem with learning in a traditional classroom is the course and lessons are created for a group, but not everyone learns at the same speed. Photography Help Store is created to help you become a better photograph by one-on-one personal instruction made just for you. In the one-on-one classes, commercial photographer Matthew Jordan Smith takes you through a course designed and adapted to take you to the next level in your photography. Matthew starts by looking at your current work and speaking with you to learn about your goals, then creates a program to get you there. The One-on-one instructions takes place once a week, via Skype or Google Plus. All that is required is your computer, a camera and the desire to become a better photographer. Sign up today! Prices will be going up soon and spaces are limited.

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Master Your Lens Course One-On-One Photography Class with Matthew Jordan Smith
Master Your Lens CourseOne-On-One Photography Class with Matthew Jordan Smith

Master Your Lens Course The Step by Step System To Stand Out and Profit From Your Photography Today, there are millions of photographers competing against you for work. With so much competition how do you stand out and have success in...

One-On-One with Matthew Jordan Smith is an individual photography course created to help photographers improve their craft. This course is for those who are dedicated to becoming better photographers through individual attention and...